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Public Art

Photo of a public art installation

Read the Public Art Master Plan Update 2021

The Public Art program acquires and maintains a quality collection of diverse art works. This collection creates a dynamic, vibrant, nurturing community through art and design.

There are no current public art funding opportunities

Public Art programs support opportunities for residents and visitors to encounter art in public spaces across the District. Sites for public art can be parks, libraries, community centers, government offices, building facades and other public venues. We simultaneously enrich the daily lives of residents and visitors and give voice to artists. The collection includes more than 100 permanently sited and integrated works and nearly 3,000 portable works in District offices. 

CAH acquires, funds, installs and maintains public artworks across the District through the several programs listed below. We do so in accordance with the “Support for Art in Public Places Amendments Act of 1986” (D.C. Law 6-125).

For more information about Public Art grant programs and projects, collections, programming and plans:

Top banner: Gateway Wings at NY Ave. Bridge, artist Kent Bloomer. Photography by Michael Miller.