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Public Art Master Plan

Warming Waters by Monica J. Bose, Public Art Building Communities-PABC FY20

From summer 2020 to summer 2021, CAH worked to update its 2009 Public Art Master Plan. Learn more about the process we undertook and read the updated plan below.

The Basics

Why a Plan? Why Now?

Update 2009 plan with recommendations that reflect:

  • Evolving community and artist interests in public art
  • Changes in CAH funding
  • CAH inclusion, diversity, equity, access goals
  • New issues and opportunities that have arisen in the city
  • New directions in public art

Essential Planning Questions

  • How is CAH impacting the public art ecosystem?
  • How Is CAH impacting people’s engagement with public art?
  • How is CAH advancing equity in the work that it does, and in the city overall?

How It Was Done


  • Analysis of CAH public art granting patterns
  • Best practices, portable collection programs
  • Best practices, public art grant programs
  • Best practices, conservation and maintenance planning
  • Development / urban design plans and policies
  • Cultural plans and policies
  • City agency public art activities


  • Questionnaires – CAH Commissioners, MuralsDC artists, Art Bank artists, Art Exhibition Grant curators
  • Individual interviews – Public Art Grant applicants, City partners, CAH staff
  • Focus groups – Main Streets, Business Improvement Districts, Artists, Arts and Culture Organizations

Vision – Public Art Master Plan 2021 Update

Thank you for your engagement on this process. Please take a moment to read the Public Art Master Plan 2021 Update at the link above.

About the Consultants

Todd Bressi
Bressi is a public art consultant with a background in city planning and urban design, based in Philadelphia. He works with public agencies, civic groups, arts organizations and the private sector to develop public art strategies and implement public art projects.

Via Partnership
Meridith McKinley, Emily Blumenfeld, Aliza Schiff, Angie Villa
Via Partnership is a St. Louis- and New York-based firm that works with public and private sector organizations to develop and implement public art strategies.

Suzan Jenkins
Jenkins is CEO of the Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County, Maryland.

Howard Wellman, Wellman Conservation
Wellman is a professional public art conservator based in Maryland.



Top Banner: Warming Waters by Monica J. Bose, Public Art Building Communities - PABC FY20