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FY25 GOS Multi-Year Funding

To provide GOS organizations with greater stability and longer-term planning, a multiyear funding resource is being offered for fiscal years 2025 and 2026.  The GOS program has long existed to provide stability to the creative sector; two-year funding better enables that mission. This means organizations meeting the criteria won't need to reapply for the second year but will receive funding based on the commission's budget and other government funding received by the organization that year. To be eligible for that option, organizations must have demonstrated a two-year track record of compliance with GOS grants in two of the last five years and complete reports throughout the cycle. Additionally, all organizations will still undergo a review process, and eligible organizations have the option of opting in or out of multi-year funding. This initiative aims to streamline the application process for eligible organizations. For GOS grantees participating in two-year funding, their second-year awards will adjust according to the new agency budget and other CAH restrictions. 

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