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FY24 AHFP Application and Review Information

CAH selects individuals who are arts, humanities and/or business professionals, independent of CAH, to serve as advisory review panelists for each grant program. The role of a panelist is to review and score an eligible application’s content to the established grant program review criteria. CAH’s grant application evaluation process takes into consideration general standards of decency and respect for the diverse beliefs and values of the American public consistent with The National Foundation on the Arts and Humanities Act, as amended in 1990. For more information regarding the grant review process please visit the Guide to Grants. To volunteer or nominate a person to serve as an advisory review panelist for a grant program, see CAH’s Call for Panelists.

A. Criteria, Review and Selection Process

The Agency reserves the right to accept or deny any or all applications if the Agency determines it is in the best interest of the Agency to do so. The Agency shall notify the applicant if it rejects that applicant’s proposal. The Agency may suspend or terminate an outstanding RFA pursuant to its own grantmaking rule(s) or any applicable federal regulation or requirement. The Agency may conduct pre-award on-site visits to verify information submitted in the application and to determine if the applicant’s facilities are appropriate for the services intended. If there are any conflicts between the terms and conditions of the RFA and any applicable federal or local law or regulation, or any ambiguity related thereto, then the provisions of the applicable law or regulation shall control and it shall be the responsibility of the applicant to ensure compliance.

Each application shall be reviewed as detailed below.

Category Criteria Weight
Arts and Humanities Practice
  1. The applicant demonstrates creative and original theories, ideas, and/or perceptions; AND/OR holds, preserves, perpetuates, and interprets traditional forms.
  2. The applicant’s statement and work sample(s) demonstrate a personal voice and artistic vision (a clear and unified body of work).
Technical Skill
  1. The applicant’s statement and work sample(s) demonstrate exemplary technical capabilities within the chosen discipline.
  1. The applicant defines their artistic and/or humanities communities and how their work intersects, reflects, advances, or impacts those communities. 

  2. The applicant or the applicant’s arts and humanities work engages, reflects, or responds to the District’s residents and visitors, or represents DC arts and humanities work in other markets



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