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Arts and Humanities Fellowship Program


The AHFP program furthers CAH's mission by encouraging progress in the arts and humanities in the District of Columbia. The program supports qualified individual artists and humanities practitioners. Eligible individuals significantly contribute to the District of Columbia as a world-class cultural capital.

AHFP recognizes the impact of individual artists and humanities practitioners within the District. It also supports the vitality that those individuals bring to the local community. This grant program aims to support progress in the arts and humanities. It does so by sustaining, highlighting, and elevating the accomplishments of individual District-based artists and humanities practitioners.

AHFP Request for Applications

The FY 2024 AHFP RFA closed on Tuesday, June 13, 2023.

The FY 2025 AHFP RFA will be released in the early June of 2024.

Check out our FY 2024 AHFP Grantees.