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FY25 PEF Description of Funding Opportunity

The Commission on the Arts and Humanities (“CAH”) seeks applications for FY25 Projects, Events, or Festivals (PEF). PEF furthers CAH’s mission by encouraging progress in the arts and humanities in DC. This program supports individuals and non-profit arts, humanities, arts education, and service organizations. Strong applicants showcase their contributions to DC as a world-class cultural capital. This grant opportunity program goals:

  • · Provide access to high-quality arts and humanities experiences for all District of Columbia residents.
  • · Improve quality of life by supporting vibrant community projects within the arts and humanities.
  • · Strengthen the creative economy through investments in local individuals and organizations.

PEF is open for projects of all sizes that show District impact and engage District residents and visitors.

CAH encourages community-based projects. They share traits like location, interests, or impact. Arts and humanities projects may include concerts, art shows, readings, or festivals. These festivals feature dance, folk art, film, music, theater, and other art forms. CAH encourages unsure applicants to contact a CAH grants manager.

Section I.A: Grant Activities

PEF grantees will spend funds for allowed costs. This spending will support progress in the arts and humanities in the District of Columbia.

Section I.B: Statutory Authority

Under D.C. Code §§ 39-201 – 206, the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities evaluates and acts on matters about the arts and humanities. It also encourages programs that promote the arts and humanities in the District. CAH is supported by District government funds and, in part, by the National Endowment for the Arts. As such, all applicable federal and District regulations govern CAH grants. Those include rules such as OMB Circulars A-102, A-133, 2 CFR 180, 2 CFR 225, 2 CFR 220, and 2 CFR 215.

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