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FY25 GOS Grant Application Process

  1. Read the Guide to Grants.
  2. Read the RFA guidelines (for the desired grant program) and determine eligibility.
  3. Go to Apply for Grants and select Grant Application Portal to register as a user.

(Note: To reset a user password either select “Forgot your password?” or click here)

  1. Upon registration, applicants select the desired grant program(s).
  2. Complete the application questions, budget, and budget narrative data.
  3. Upload required documents, supplementary material, and work samples.
  4. Double-check the application for thoroughness, clarity, and typographical errors.
  5. Submit the application by 10:00 PM ET on the grant program’s deadline date.
  6. Ensure receipt of grant submission confirmation email (auto-generated by the online portal) by the application deadline.


CAH utilizes an online grant portal to receive grant applications. All applications must be submitted online by 10:00 PM ET on Thursday, April 11, 2024. A confirmation email is automatically generated upon submission of the application. Technical issues or failure to receive a confirmation email should be immediately brought to the attention of CAH staff. Incomplete or late applications or applications that do not follow the instructions and guidelines are deemed ineligible for review and funding. CAH does not accept mailed, emailed or hand-delivered copies of grant applications and/or the required attachments. CAH will accept reasonable accommodation requests from applicants with disabilities in advance of the application due date to assist them in submitting grant applications via mail, email or hand-delivery. To request a reasonable accommodation, contact Travis Marcus at 202-724-5613 or [email protected] and await request approval.


CAH’s grant application process is competitive and subject to the availability of funds. Applicants may not request or receive funding for the same activities through more than one CAH program or grant category. Applicants may not submit an application with a co-applicant. An applicant’s compliance or financial paperwork must not be commingled with that of another organization. Multiple applicants may not apply for funding for the same scope of work, whether through the same or different grant programs.


Applicants are fully responsible for the content of their application materials. An automated confirmation of an applicant’s submission does not guarantee an applicant’s eligibility, and therefore review by the advisory review panel (see below, “Review Process”). CAH staff is not permitted to make corrections to applications on behalf of applicants. CAH staff reviews applications for completeness and contacts applicants for any incomplete documents within five (5) business days of the deadline. Applicants are then responsible for updating their application within five (5) business days of CAH’s notification. Failure to do so will disqualify the application.

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