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FY25 ABP Application and Review Information

CAH selects individuals who are professionals in the arts and humanities, independent of CAH, to serve as advisory review panelists for each grant program. The role of a panelist is to review and score an eligible application’s content to the established grant program review criteria. CAH’s grant application evaluation process takes into consideration general standards of decency and respect for the diverse beliefs and values of the American public consistent with The National Foundation on the Arts and Humanities Act, as amended in 1990. For more information regarding the grant review process please visit the Guide to Grants

A. Criteria, Review and Selection Process

The Agency reserves the right to accept or deny any or all applications if the Agency determines it is in the best interest of the Agency to do so.  The Agency shall notify the applicant if it rejects that applicant’s proposal.  The Agency may suspend or terminate an outstanding RFA pursuant to its own grantmaking rule(s) or any applicable federal regulation or requirement. If there are any conflicts between the terms and conditions of the RFA and any applicable federal or local law or regulation, or any ambiguity related thereto, then the provisions of the applicable law or regulation shall control, and it shall be the responsibility of the applicant to ensure compliance.

Each application shall be reviewed as detailed below.






Aesthetic and Conceptual Strength

1. Artwork has exceptional visual impact and technical skill, is conceptually inventive or intellectually stimulating (25 points).

2. Artwork and/or artist represents the artistic diversity within Washington, DC and has outstanding individual expressions of unique creativity (25 points).



Artistic Contribution

1. Artist has extensive exhibition history in and beyond the District and/or inclusion in high profile collections, and/or artist’s contributions to the District’s artistic communities are significant and influential (20 points). OR

2. Artist is a highly promising emerging artist who would benefit greatly from first acquisition into this collection, and the acquisition of their artwork(s) will add to the richness and diversity of the collection (20 points).


Value as Cultural Asset

1. The artist is a current resident of the District of Columbia, or the artist's impact statement provides a significant connection to DC through their artistic career. (10 points)

2. Artist work, exhibition history and CV, demonstrates commitment to or engages with the diverse communities in Washington, DC (10 points)

3. Artwork would be a fitting addition to a municipal collection displayed in District government buildings (5 points).

4. If an artist’s work has been acquired for the Art Bank Collection in the past, this artwork makes a new contribution to the collection in subject, style, or significance (5 points).




To ensure the District’s collection of art reflects the rich, diverse artistic history and communities of the District of Columbia and metropolitan region, CAH will require that 25% of Art Bank acquisitions for FY25 be from artists new to the collection. In doing so, CAH hopes to increase support, exposure, and professional benefit for visual artists.

Phase One:

  • The Review Panel will review and evaluate each application and piece within the application. Based on the selection criteria, the Review Panel will recommend a roster of finalists to the staff.  
  • Finalists and other applicants will be notified of decisions.

Phase Two:

  • Finalists will be required to bring in the selected artwork for an in-person review by the Review Committee. 
  • The Review Panel will review each finalist artwork based on the selection criteria and consider the overall condition of the work using archival materials.
  • The Review Panel will make recommendations to CAH for funding.
  • Upon CAH Commission approval, the selected artist will enter into grant agreement with CAH for the acquisition of their artwork into the Art Bank Collection.

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