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FY24 AHFP Addendum A: Work Samples and Supplementary Materials

CAH values and emphasizes excellence in all grant programs within all disciplines. This section contains detailed information on the CAH’s requirements and suggestions regarding content. Arts and humanities content and/or merit are one of several criteria on which an application is reviewed. Content and/or merit is demonstrated to the advisory review panelists through the applicant’s:

Section 1 - Work Samples
Section 2 - Support Materials
Section 3 – Artist/Humanities Practitioner Résumé

Of these, the work sample carries the most weight because it must contain the clearest depiction of the applicant’s best work(s) of art and/or humanities. All applicants must submit arts and/or humanities work samples.

Section 1 - Work Samples

Work samples are critical to each application and are carefully considered during application review. CAH strongly recommends that applicants pay close attention to the content of work sample submissions.
The guidelines on work sample submissions depend on the grant program. Applicants are encouraged to adhere to the suggested work samples or risk ineligibility for consideration of a grant award.
Work samples must be no more than three (3) years old from the date of submission. Submitting older work samples may render the application ineligible for funding consideration.

Section 2 - Support Materials

Support materials are documents that strengthen the application and provide additional information that directly relates to the grant request. Support materials do not take the place of a work sample. They do, however, reinforce the quality of the applicant’s arts and humanities disciplines(s).

Some examples of supporting materials include:

  • Theater/exhibition reviews;
  • Letters of recommendation;
  • Certificates of achievement or recognition;
  • Sample lesson plans;
  • Assessments and evaluations; and/or
  • Awards.
  • Recordings of artistic process, creation or experience

Section 3 – Artist/Humanities Practitioner Resumé/CV

Another way panelists determine the artistic and humanities content of an application is to review the resumé of the artist or humanities practitioner. The content therein, should detail the breadth of work of the applicant along with the applicant’s formal/informal training in their discipline of choice.

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