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The Business of the Arts: Leadership Coaching: Become the Leader You Want to Be

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This session is an introduction to leadership coaching as a resource for leaders and organizations. We’ll talk about what coaching is and isn’t, how leaders and their organizations can benefit, what to look for in a coach, and an exciting opportunity to get started through a new partnership with Access Coaching Collective.

Leading is harder than ever. While there are countless books, articles, and LinkedIn posts about best practices, they all leave out the most crucial element: you. Leadership coaching is fully individualized and tailored to help individual leaders be your best. Coaching is an opportunity for you to: identify what’s currently working for you and what’s getting in the way; learn how to better leverage your personal strengths; and have a safe space to navigate the ongoing challenges of leading.

Ensuring that leaders have the support they need as they tackle mission-critical work is critical. It not only supports better quality of life and outcomes for each individual leader, but also positively impacts the larger organization, and the larger community.

Join us to learn more about whether coaching can benefit you and your organization. At the end of this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand the purpose and process of leadership coaching
  • Determine whether coaching is right for you
  • Identify the most important elements of an effective coach for you

Click on the link below for complete details and to RSVP.