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Wilson Building Art Collection

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The largest display of artwork from the Art Bank is the City Hall Art Collection at the John A. Wilson Building in downtown DC entitled "The HeArt of DC." In 2006, the DC Creates! Public Art Program acquired 153 works of art representing 100 Metropolitan area artists for the inaugural phase of the City Hall Art Collection. In 2008, the program made another acquisition bringing the number of pieces to over 200. The collection showcases the extent and depth of our local visual arts talent. Over 10 percent of the artists were born in the District, and most have lived here for over 20 years. In addition to supporting the work of living artists through art purchases, we were able to enhance the collection with the work of nationally recognized DC artists including Gene Davis and Alma Thomas. By presenting art outside traditional venues of museums and galleries, the City Hall Art Collection benefits the community and its visitors by increasing access to art, extending our cultural institutions’ reach, and providing artists with opportunities to expand their artistic practice and audience. The collection at the John A. Wilson Building is open to the public.