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Public Art Building Communities (PABC)


The Public Art Building Communities (PABC) grant program supports individual artists and organizations. Eligible projects support designing, fabricating and installing new permanent or temporary works that connect artists (and their artwork) with communities.

For this grant, public art is defined as artwork sited and installed onto locations that fulfill two criteria. The locations must be accessible to the public (without cost) and in exterior (outdoor) locations free of encumbrances. Artwork must be sited and installed onto locations that are accessible and viewable from public space. Materials should be sustainable, low maintenance and protected by graffiti resistance coatings. Permanent public art projects are defined as existing for a duration of more than two (2) years without a deinstallation plan. Works must require minimal routine maintenance. Temporary public art projects are defined as existing for less than two (2) years with a deinstallation plan.

Examples of Public Art include sculptures, mosaics, artistic streetscapes, murals, and painting in outdoor plazas. They also encompass mixed media, paving patterns, media/digital installations, and landscape-designed projects. Additional examples include custom benches, stained glass installations, and artistic arches, gates, or railings.

PABC Request for Applications

The FY 2024 PABC RFA closed on Monday, July 17, 2023.

The FY 2025 PABC RFA will be released in the spring/summer of 2024.

Check out our FY 2023 PABC Grantees.