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Photo of a mural

MuralsDC was initiated in 2007 by Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham as a way to combat the rising tide of illegal graffiti, to revitalize sites within the community and to teach young people the art of aerosol painting. MuralsDC engages the District's youth by teaching proper art techniques, providing supplies, and a legal means to practice and perform their skill in a way that promotes respect for public and private property and community awareness. MuralsDC taps into their inherent interests and uplifts them by providing opportunity, mentoring and hands-on experiences.

In 2008 and 2009, CAH in partnership with the Department of Public Works (DPW) joined forces to further the MuralsDC mission. Artists, teams and organizations participating in the program are selected by a committee based on their capacity to instruct and execute work in the graffiti style and engage youth and community members in the creation of the murals. Each mural reflects the character, culture and history of the neighborhoods in the District. Mural site selection is based on areas of the District with high incidence of illegal graffiti as identified by DPW and other agencies.

For site recommendations, sponsorship opportunities and information please contact Nancee Lyons at the Department of Public Works, or (202) 671-2637.

Interested in becoming an Artist?
For more information, please contact Alissa Maru at [email protected] or (202)724-5613.

View past MuralsDC projects.