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Maryanne Henderson (she/her)

Artistic Discipline: Theatre

Ward: 4

Grantee History:

  • FY 2024 Grantee - Arts and Humanities Fellowship Program

Artist Statement: 

Someone once once shared with me, "theatre is an act of radical empathy." As a licensed clinical social worker in Washington, DC, empathy is what fuels my every encounter with clients. As a practitioner of theatre, empathy is also at the heart of the way I seek to embody worlds crafted for the stage. These two practices for which I am a part, social work and theatre, are forever entwined in my life. In my one-on-ones with clients as a social worker, I empower my clients through the practice of empathy, to build on their strengths in a safe space. In the DC theatre community, I am passionate about connecting other artists and highlighting their unique gifts in our beautiful city.

“Several clients have shared a great piece of wisdom, ‘Everyone has to learn the art of falling.’” The theatre industry is not for the faint of heart. We fall often but must rise to keep doing what we love. The stamina required offstage is just as crucial as the stamina onstage. Every audition that ends in rejection is an exercise in falling and getting back up again.For the last several years I’ve put together a variety show called “Spirits” right here in my back yard in DC. Many incredibly talented friends have performed and I’m excited to keep the tradition going. I love celebrating the work and gifts of others. It brings me immense joy and satisfaction.

My continued hope as a DC theatre artist is to radically and boldly empathize with others through the ancient and sacred craft of theatre. As I grow I will always celebrate the gifts of those around me, empowering the voices and the talents of others.

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