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Field Trip Experiences


The Field Trip Experiences (FTE) grant program supports various elements of programs outside of the classroom. The scope of the grant could include the cost of field trip tickets and associated transportation costs. It could also include professional development opportunities for classroom educators or providing pre- and post-field trip workshops for students.

This grant opportunity has the following program goals:

  • Provide access to comprehensive arts and humanities field trip experiences.
    • Such experience work to advance student achievement in the District of Columbia.
  • Create a strategic approach to the planning and delivery of field trip experiences and associated programming to students and teachers.
  • Make authentic connections to curricular content / themes across targeted grade levels in collaboration with appropriate personnel at DCPS and DCPCS.
  • Encourage collaboration between arts and humanities organizations.
    • Additionally such collaboration creates the opportunity to build a communities of practice between organizations within their discipline of specialty.
  • Foster new relationships between arts and humanities organizations and public schools across the city.
  • Demonstrate measurable impact of field trip experiences and associated programming on participating students and teachers.

FTE Request for Applications

The FY 2024 FTE RFA closed on Friday, July 14, 2023.

The FY 2025 FTE RFA will be released in the spring/summer of 2024.

Check out our FY 2024 FTE Grantees.