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Capital Projects Grant Program


The Capital Projects grant program (formerly Facilities and Buildings) supports organizations. Eligible organizations fall into three categories:

  1. Those that own or rent facilities.
  2. Those that intend to own facilities.
  3. Those that seek capital project support for permanent property, technology, equipment, or digital assets. These assets are designed for the training, management, production, or presentation of performances or exhibitions of the arts or humanities.

CP program goals are to:

  • Promote the stability, sustainable growth, and longevity of the District’s arts and humanities organizations;
  • Preserve and strengthen structures, systems, and infrastructure for District arts and humanities organizations, their constituents, and their collections;
  • Enable and ensure access to high-quality physical spaces and equipment for the District’s arts and humanities organizations;
  • Reduce the risk of organizational displacement; and
  • Foster arts and humanities access for all District residents.

CP Request for Applications

The FY 2024 CP RFA closed on Monday, August 21, 2023.

The FY 2025 CP RFA will be released in the spring/summer of 2024.

Check out our FY 2023 Facilities and Buildings (FAB now CP)) Grantees.