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CAH Exhibition: Not So Concrete

JULY 2 - AUGUST 14, 2020

Funded by an Art Exhibitions Grant from the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities
A virtual platform is being used as an alternative to the brick and mortar gallery space as a response to the social and logistical limitations resulting from Covid-19.
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"We think of architecture as something concrete, a habitat. Natural resources make up the heart of architecture; wood, stone, fibers, metals, even the materials for glass, ceramic, and concrete enable us to construct and use architecture. We become emotionally and financially invested in the materials that compose architecture and, ultimately, shape our world. Every day in DC, we see Brutalist, Neo-Classical, Victorian, Craftsman, Masonic, Beaux Arts, and Tudor buildings.

But our lives and cityscapes are not so concrete. Nodding to the Arts and Crafts movement, making a beautiful home is art.  In this sense, we see all artists. The artists in this exhibit communicate how identity, consciousness, urbanization, and culture inform architecture and its features. Gentrification, homelessness, and environmental preservation are all interconnected concerns that impact design. The artists in this exhibit reach outward, stretch, turn inward, ask for more, and contain themselves in their presented works." – Elizabeth Ashe and Mary Pat Norton

Curators: Elizabeth Ashe, Mary Pat Norton

Artists: Michael Crossett, Pierre Davis, Pam Eichner, Cassidy Garbutt, Zofie King, Yaroslav Koporulin, Joan Snitzer, Monica Stroik, Steve Wanna


Images from top: Joan Snitzer, Chromophore 18, 2017; Michael Crossett, Fare Card Value #30, 2019; Monica Stroik, Infrastructure, 2019.


Zoom Artist Talks
Tuesdays | 12 - 1 pm 

July 7 |  Digital Platforms and the Art World. Elizabeth Ashe, Mary Pat Norton, Nancy Nesvet (Register Here)

July 14 | Zofie King and Pierre Davis, with Andrea Dietz (architect, curator, professor – George Washington University/Corcoran and the Building Museum) (Register Here)

July 21 | Joan Snitzer, with Claudia Russell (architect) (Register Here)

July 28 | Monica Stroik and Steve Wanna, with Nancy Nesvet (artist, arts writer) (Register Here)

Aug 4 |  Michael Crossett and Yar Koporulin, with Deane Madsen (blogger, DC Brutalism) and Vyta Baselice (concrete scholar) (Register Here)

Aug 11 | Pam Eichner and Cassidy Garbutt, with Kristian Smith (showroom designer, mid-century focus) (Register Here)