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Art Bank Collection

CAH manages and maintains the Art Bank, the District’s fine art collection comprised primarily of works by local artists. Each year, CAH acquires works of fine art through an open call and panel selection process from visual artists and art galleries in the Washington metropolitan area. The artworks in this collection are displayed in public areas of District government buildings for employees, residents and visitors to experience. The largest display of artwork from the Art Bank is the City Hall Art Collection at the John A. Wilson Building.
Currently there are nearly 3,000 artworks in the Art Bank Collection, installed in more than 150 District government spaces.

District government agencies and DC Council offices interested in displaying works from the Art Bank are asked to contact Rob Humberston, CAH Registrar, for more information.
The entire Art Bank Collection can be viewed online at http://dcarts.emuseum.com/.

If your District agency is interested in participating in the Art Bank Loan Program or would like to request a service regarding your current artwork loan, please read the following loan Terms and complete a Loan Request Form.

All participants in the Art Bank Collection Loan Program must agree to the following terms:

  • Agency will display selected artworks at the listed locations for a term of no less than two years.
  • Agency will designate an authorized point of contact to maintain direct contact with the CAH on all issues relating to the loaned Work(s).  Each party will update the other if contact information changes. Although logistical arrangements may be delegated to the authorized Art Contact, ALL submitted requests for artwork installation(s), relocation(s), and removal(s) must be signed by the Agency’s Executive Director or DC Councilmember before arrangements are made.
  • Agency will not damage the Work(s) or do anything that could potentially cause damage to a Work. Agency will be responsible for any loss of or damage to loaned Work(s) , and will  incur all costs associated with removing and repairing Work(s) that are damaged.  
  • Agency will notify CAH at least 30 business days prior to:
    1. a move or renovation that would require relocation of the Work(s)
    2. requesting the replacement of a Work with another Work from the Art Bank Collection
    3. requesting removal of Work(s) from a site before the end of the 2-year term.  CAH will not be held responsible for any holes remaining in the wall after artwork is removed or relocated. It is the responsibility of the Requestor to coordinate and assume costs for any wall repair resulting from artwork service requests.
  • Agency will be required to reimburse to CAH all costs associated with the Relocation, Replacement, or Removal of Work(s) if requested before the end of the 2-year term. CAH must schedule all services, which will be provided by a licensed and insured art handling service vendor. The requesting agency will be billed by CAH upon completion of all requested services.
  • Agency will provide all installation and maintenance vendors with unobstructed access, during business hours to fulfill all art-related requests and services.
  • Agency will not, without our prior written consent, remove, relocate, or change the condition of any Work(s) or its frame, and will not attach, affix, nor hang anything from any Work.
  • Agency will notify CAH promptly when made aware of any damage to or theft of any Work(s). Agency will not attempt to repair a Work without CAH’s prior written approval. Recurring damage or thefts of artwork will result in complete removal of all loaned Work(s) and immediate termination of the loan.

CAH will not incur any costs associated with the installation of items outside of the Art Bank Collection. This includes but is not limited to plaques, certificates, personal photographs, and posters. CAH’s capacity is limited to the addressing the city-owned fine art collection; however the agency will provide recommendations for the appropriate service providers based on the requested task.