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FY24 GOS Risk Management and Performance Monitoring

All grant recipients are subject to risk assessments and monitoring requirements, as outlined in the District’s Citywide Grants Manual and Sourcebook (which is primarily managed by the District’s Office of Partnerships and Grant Services (OPGS)). CAH has established standards for grant recipients to ensure compliance with risk assessment monitoring, and those standards are discussed in greater detail in the applicants’ grant agreements with CAH. 

Activities funded by CAH will be monitored by its staff, to assure compliance with all applicable District of Columbia’s statutes, regulations, orders and other requirements. This monitoring process may include site visits, evaluation of allowable costs, assessment of efforts to meet projected grant applicant benchmarks, providing proof of expenditures, etc. 

All grant recipients are responsible for reporting their respective grant award(s) as income on federal and local tax returns (in accordance with applicable law) and are strongly encouraged to consult with a tax professional and the United States Internal Revenue Service. 

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