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FY 2023 General Operating Support Grants FAQ


Q: If I have received a fellowship grant as a curator of an organization, are we still ineligible to apply for GOS?
A: Correct. Organizational grants are different from Individual fellowship grants. In order to be eligible for a GOS grant, organizations need to be a prior, recent grantee of either an FY21 or FY22 GOS grant or a FY21 or FY22 project-based grant. 

Q: For the FY23 General Operating Grant. There is a question that asks if we were awarded a competitive grant within the last two years from DC CAH. We were awarded the East of the River grant in FY20. Does this fall in the 2 year grant recipient time frame?
A: Eligibility for the FY23 GOS application is limited to FY22 or FY21 GOS grantees as well as FY22 or FY21 project grantees.

Q: My organization has to move this year, and there is a chance we will move to Maryland. What would happen if we received the grant and then had to move out of the district?
A: Awards will be announced in October 2022, if not moving before then, hopefully you will have a better sense of when and where the organization may be moving. Depending on when in the fiscal year the move were to happen, if out of the District, the grant may need to be amended or rescinded. 


Q: In the section where it asks how many full-time and part-time employees are DC residents, does that include contractors as well? If not, where do we count them?
A: Only full-time and part-time employees should be listed in that section and not contractors. Including contractors can artificially inflate staffing numbers for arts and humanities organizations.Please simply note in the narrative section above those questions the number of contractors.


Q: When asked for budget numbers for a 3 year period, does the need to provide 3 year data apply to the “Balance Sheet” AND “Profit and Loss Statement”? The Application checklist only asks for “from the most recently completed fiscal year” and “most recently completed fiscal quarter” respectively.
A: The following would be needed:

  • A completed 990 must be submitted for either FY20 or FY21.
  • Responses to the budget narrative questions must include current FY22 numbers. In the programs and projects section of the application, projected numbers must be included for the period of this FY23 GOS grant if awarded, (October 1, 2022- September 30, 2023).
  • The balance sheet and profit and loss statements should cover the FY21 period. The current organizational budget is another required document associated with this application should cover the FY22 period.