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FY22 Grantees - District Arts and Humanities Initiative: Field Trip Experiences (FTE)

Field Trip Experiences (FTE) - Supports arts and humanities organizations to offer comprehensive field trip experiences for students in the District’s public schools. The scope of the grant includes the cost of field trip tickets and associated transportation costs, professional development opportunities for classroom educators and the provision of pre- and post-field trip workshops for students.

Name Organization Ward Amount
Rebecca Medrano GALA INC, Grupo de Artistas Latinoamericanos 1 $47,475
Brian Shaw The In Series, Inc. 1 $13,918
Michelle Edwards Live It Learn It 6 $39,720
Jessica. Malcom Hillwood Museum and Gardens Foundation 3 $50,000
Alexe Nowakowski CityDance 3 $28,130
Rachel Greenberg The Shakespeare Theatre 6 $45,000
Taylor Tobak Washington Bach Consort 2 $44,928
The Andrew Theatre The Andrew Keegan Theatre Company 2 $35,120
Diana Movius MOVEIUS Contemporary Ballet Inc 4 $26,400
Connie Perez Step Afrika! USA Incorporated 6 $38,272
Aria Velz Mosaic Theater of DC 5 $14,000
Kahina Haynes Dance Institute of Washington Inc 1 $35,000
Paul Emerson Company E, Inc. 1 $35,000
Sarah Cooke STUDIO THEATRE INC 2 $27,524
Christopher Morgan DC Wheel Productions, Inc. 5 $35,000

FY20 District Arts and Humanities Initiative: Field Trip Experiences (FTE) Grantees (click here)