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Public Art Building Communities (PABC)

Public Art Building Communities

This competitive grant program supports individual artists and organizations in their effort to design, fabricate, and install new temporary or permanent works of public art that connect artists (and their artwork) with communities. Public art is defined as artwork in a variety of media installed at locations that are accessible to the public (without cost) and in an exterior (outdoor) location free of encumbrances.

Permanent public art is defined as existing for a duration of at least five (5) years (without regular maintenance), and Temporary projects must demonstrate duration of less than two (2) years with a deinstallation plan. Artwork must be sited and installed onto locations that are accessible and viewable from public space. Materials should be sustainable, low maintenance and protected by graffiti resistance coatings.

Examples of Public Art include, but are not limited to: sculptures, mosaics, artistic streetscapes, murals, paintings in plazas or lobbies, paving pattern, media/digital installations, landscape designed projects, custom benches, stained glass installations, and artistic arches, gates or railings. Project must be completely developed and designed with a confirmed site for installation. Grants are awarded to individual or organizations. PABC Goals:

  • Encourage the creation and installation of original high-quality public art works within the District of Columbia
  • Develop meaningful opportunities to connect artists to communities
  • Provide exposure and participation to the community in the public art making process
  • Further learning or discovery opportunities that may be present through public art installations
  • Support the creation of public art by DC resident artists
  • Promote robust and diverse artistic expression that resonate with residents of the District of Columbia
  • Contribute to the District of Columbia’s public art collection in the built environment

For more information contact Lauren Dugas Glover at [email protected] or 202-724-5613; Click here for grant guidelines.

You can see examples of PABC projects in the E-museum