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FY18 Grantees - Sister Cities Grant (SCG)

The Sister Cities Grant (SCG) provides one time project support and covers travel expenses to foster arts and humanities exchange between the District of Columbia and District of Columbia’s Sister Cities. This grant is unique to CAH grant collection in that it benefits the arts and humanities for both the District of Columbia and its Sister Cities. SCG objectives  focus  on providing artists, humanities practitioners, and arts organizations from the District of Columbia and the District’s Sister Cities the opportunity to engage in cultural exchange and development, increase  the quality of life by supporting a vibrant community identity through arts and humanities, and raise the profile of the District of Columbia to promote the city as a world class cultural capital.


Name Sister City Selection Ward Award Amount
Michele Banks Paris, France 2 $10,000
Monica Bose Athens, Greece 1 $10,000
Shermica Farquhar Accra, Ghana 1 $9,933
Maryam Foye

Dakar, Senegal

Tshwane (Pretoria), South Africa

8 $10,000
Noah Getz Brussels, Belgium 3 $9,764
Charles Jean-Pierre Tshwane (Pretoria), South Africa 2 $10,000
Mazi Mutafa Paris, France 1 $10,000
Ira Tattelman Rome, Italy 5 $10,000
Jonathan Tucker Tshwane (Pretoria), South Africa 5 $10,000
    Total $89,697


Name Sister City Selection Ward Award Amount
Company E, Inc. Sunderland, United Kingdom 1 $20,000
Dakshina/Daniel Phoenix
Singh Dance Company
Brussels, Belgium
Rome, Italy
4 $20,000
DC Wheel Productions, Inc. Tshwane (Pretoria), South Africa 5 $20,000
International Arts & Artists Rome, Italy 2 $20,000
The MusicianShip, DC Tshwane (Pretoria), South Africa 3 $20,000
Step Afrika! USA Incorporated Accra, Ghana 6 $20,000
Transformer, Inc. Athens, Greece 2 $20,000
Tudor Place Foundation, Inc. Sunderland, United Kingdom 2 $14,150
Words Beats and Life Inc. Brasilia, Brazil 1 $20,000
    Total $174,150