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Colors in the Night by Kellie Cox

Artist:  Kellie Cox
Title:  Colors in the Night
Original Medium:  ink on paper

About the Work:

"Colors in the Night is my artistic depiction of the beautiful Ranunculus flower. Botanicals, both in their simplicity and complexity, provide an endless supply of subjects to paint and share. I value the botanical diversity surrounding us and have always sought a means to share my enthusiasm. As my artistic passions evolve, I seek larger physical areas to paint and expand upon. I envision entire walls exploding with color and beauty, and imagine botanical art on most every building and vehicle I pass. I climb ladders in pursuit of my passion. I deliver nature, not to one person, but to an entire population. 

The goal of the bold and colorful botanical art designs in this work is to highlight the important role recycling trucks and their hard working operators play in our community. Public art is important. It enhances our quality of life in the city, making the places where we live, work and love more welcoming and beautiful. It also creates a deeper interaction between the community and its environment, as it adds dimension to civic spaces, allowing the community a way to express its identity and values.” (Kellie Cox)

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