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The Cap City Cruncher by John Deardourff

Artist:  John Deardourff
Title:  The Cap City Cruncher
Medium:  mixed media collage, screenprint

About the Work: 
“My work is about recycling the vocabulary of comic books and reconstituting that imagery into new, abstract, unpredictable compositions. Collage is my primary medium and in a way the process of recycling is a form of collage. Designed to Recycle presents a magical, alchemical opportunity to transform something that is familiar and mundane into something intriguing and unexpected. A blank recycling truck represents three interesting thematic ideas: movement, compression (crushing), and reformation. In my proposed design I emphasized these themes through vivid color shifts, energetic, explosive lines, and the juxtaposition of abstract and familiar imagery.” (John Deardourff)

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