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Consilius’ Four Questions by Kirk Waldroff

Artist:  Kirk Waldroff
Title:  Consilius’ Four Questions
Medium:  stain and acrylic on wood

About the Work:
“As with other paintings in this series of invented fables, Consilius' Four Questions depicts a crucial moment in a never-actually-written story. The name Consilius (the elephant) is a play on the latin word consilium which has many meanings including: advice, suggestion, wisdom, plan, purpose, and judgment. As Consilius approaches a pond, he sees four turtles, each--as the title implies--representing a question. By design, no other clues about the story are provided and no accompanying paintings from the story exist. How Consilius got to this point, what questions he'll ask (or be asked), and how the story concludes are all up to the viewer.” (Kirk Waldroff)