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Tale of Three by Patricia Goslee

Artist:  Patricia Goslee
Title:  Tale of Three
Original Medium:  oil on canvas, enamel spray paint

About the Work:
“Tale of Three” utilizes layers of color and intricate patterning to render the fabric of life as a field of interconnected energies. Taking its title from three small seed forms — each representing significant family roles: parent, child, sibling — the painting grows out of abstract, yet allusive forms that invite the viewer to dream and to make imaginative associations. It is featured in the publication 100 Artists of the Mid-Atlantic.

The act of recycling — a key part of the cycle of life — is also central to the making of this painting. Many of its patterns were created by using recycled fabrics, netting or other detritus found on the street as stencils. The resulting image offers a visual reminder, not just of the importance of recycling in the web of creation, but of the beauty of Earth stewardship.” (Patricia Goslee)