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Heat by Yuriko Jackall

Artist:  Yuriko Jackall
Title:  Heat
Original Medium:  archival pigment print

About the Work:
“My design is based on my work and artistic practice. In my professional life, I work extensively with digital data derived from Old Master works of art. In my artistic practice, I explore the implications of digitization of artwork by converting analogue signals into digital form to create abstract visual images resembling series of banded neon wavelengths. Glitches are particularly interesting to me. When colors repeat themselves, patterns emerge. Major influences include artists of the Washington Color School but also non-traditional practitioners of electronic and digital forms. The project of making from a recycling truck a visually pleasing and interesting object aligns well with the goal of my art, which is to mix influences, art forms, and images themselves. The bright colors stimulate the viewer; the stripes, lines, and blurred areas of color create a sense of motion based upon repetition and disorder. When the trucks are in motion, these colors will appear even more dynamic, actively drawing the eye and animating the urban surroundings.” (Yuriko Jackall)

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