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Nuestra Tierra by Nicolas F. Shi

Artist:  Nicolas F. Shi
Title:  Nuestra Tierra
Original Medium:  acrylic on canvas, digital media

About the Work: 
“My design for the Designed to Recycle truck wrap is a composition of details from three previous works in a style often called Pop-Cubism, influenced by arts and crafts motifs found in several Latin American countries, mainly Central America.  Tierra in Spanish means “land”, but it is also the name of our planet, thus the title of this project can be translated as “Our Land” or “Our Earth”. While the vibrant and colorful motifs of my design might intimate Hispanics of their roots, everyone will notice the bright recycling truck and be reminded of the need to take care of our land… our Earth.” (Nicolas F. Shi)

Click here to read more, about the story behind Shi's design.