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FY20 Grants Deadlines

FY20 Grant Cycle – Program Descriptions and Dates

Grant Program & Description Manager Deadline

General Operating Support (GOS) – Provides general operating support for nonprofit arts, humanities and arts education organizations. Two types of support are available: 1.) Nonprofit arts, humanities and arts education organizations and 2.) Service organizations dedicated to providing technical assistance and support services to the DC arts and humanities field.

Maximum Award:
Up to 30% or no more than $200,000, based on applicant’s FY18 cash expenses, for organizations (1:1 match)

CAH Staff

Friday, February 15,

Public Art Building Communities (PABC) – Supports the design, fabrication and installation of permanent or temporary public artwork that enhances District neighborhoods by connecting artists and their artwork with communities.

Maximum Award:
$50,000 – Individuals (no match required)
$125,000 – Organizations (1:1 match)
$250,000 – Business Improvement Districts

Keona Pearson Friday, August 9, 2019

Arts and Humanities Fellowship Program (AHFP) – Supports individual artists, teaching artists and humanities professionals who significantly contribute to the arts and humanities and substantially impact the lives of DC residents through excellence in the arts and humanities.

Maximum Award:
$10,000 – Individuals (no match required)

Dance: Benjamen Douglas

Design Arts: Heran Sereke-Brhan

Humanities: Heran Sereke-Brhan

Khalid Randolph

Media Arts: Khalid Randolph

Theatre: Benjamen Douglas

Teaching Artists: David Markey

Visual Arts: Heran

Friday, May 31, 2019

Arts and Humanities Education Projects (AHEP) – Supports in-school and out-of-school-time arts and humanities programs for children and youth in pre-school through high school settings. The grant also supports professional development opportunities in the arts and humanities for classroom educators.

Maximum Award:
$20,000 – Organizations (1:1 match)

David Markey Friday, May 31, 2019

East of the River (EOR) – Supports access to high-quality arts and humanities experiences for residents living east of the Anacostia River in Wards 7 and 8.

Maximum Award:
$35,000 – Organizations (no match required)

Khalid Randolph Friday, June 7, 2019

Projects, Events or Festivals (PEF) – Supports projects, events and festivals to promote arts and humanities activities to DC residents. (Individuals) (Organizations)

Maximum Award:
$20,000 – Organizations (1:1 Match)
$10,000 – Individuals (no match required)

PEF - Individual: Khalid Randolph

Organization: Khalid Randolph

Friday, June 7, 2019

Sister Cities Grant (SCG) – Supports arts and humanities projects that foster cultural exchange and diplomacy between the District of Columbia and DC’s Sister Cities. (Individuals) (Organizations)

Maximum Award:
$30,000 – Organizations (1:1 match)
$20,000 – Individuals (no match required)

Heran Sereke-Brhan Friday, June 14, 2019

LiftOff – Supports capacity building projects for arts, humanities and arts education organizations through consulting and grants for strategic planning, programmatic evaluation and leadership development to organizations with FY16 cash expenses up to $250,000.

Maximum Award:
$25,000 – Organizations (no match required)

Khalid Randolph TBD

Field Trip Experiences - Supports arts and humanities organizations to offer comprehensive field trip experiences for students in the District’s public schools. The scope of the grant includes the cost of field trip tickets and associated transportation costs, professional development opportunities for classroom educators and the provision of pre- and post-field trip workshops for students.

Maximum Award:
$75,000 – Organizations (no match required)

David Markey Friday, June 14, 2019

Upstart (UPS) – Supports capacity building projects for arts and humanities organizations through consulting and grants for strategic planning, programmatic evaluation, leadership development and operating reserves for organizations with at least one (1) full-time administrative employee as demonstrated by W-2, and cash expenses between
$250,000 and $1,250,000 as reported on their most-recently submitted IRS Form 990.

Maximum Award:
Up to $50,000 – Organizations (no match required)
Up to $15,000 of total award can be designated for operational reserves (requires a 1:1 cash match)

Benjamen Douglas Friday, June 21, 2019

Facilities and Buildings (FAB) – Supports projects related to the improvement, construction, or purchase of facilities operated by nonprofit arts and humanities organizations.

Maximum Award
50% of the project budget. (requires a 1:1 cash match) See guidelines.

Benjamen Douglas Friday, July 19, 2019

Art Bank – Supports visual artists and art galleries by acquiring fine art from metropolitan artists to grow the Art Bank Collection. Artwork in the collection is owned by CAH and loaned to District Government agencies for display in public areas and offices of government buildings. Established and emerging artists are invited to apply.

Maximum Award:

Ron Humbertson Friday, July 19, 2019

Curatorial Grant Program The Curatorial Grant Program provides support for the development and public presentation of visual exhibitions by District resident curators through grant support and access to a contemporary exhibition space – CAH’s 200 I (Eye) Street Galleries (lobby). Two Exhibition proposals will receive grants for curation and installation during FY20.

Maximum Award:
$25,000 each – Individuals (no match required)

Ron Humbertson Friday, July 26, 2019