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FY22 & FY23 General Grants FAQ

As of 7/1/2022


Q: Where can I, as an individual artist,  find grant information on the arts commission website?

The best place on our website to find Grant, and Public Art opportunities, for individuals would be: Currently, last year’s deadlines are listed, as our FY23 grants for individuals (AHFP and PEFi) are not yet live, they typically open in May. This section of our website will be updated when the Grant Program Applications are open. 

Q: Where can I find the current Fellowship (AHFP) application?

We have several FY23 grants set to launch (ie: applications will open) on Monday, June 6th. This includes the Arts and Humanities Fellowship Program (AHFP), Facilities and Buildings- Traditional (FAB-T), and East Arts (formerly, East of the River/EOR).

Q: I only have a formal resume of our survival or part time work, can I submit that? 

When we ask for an individual artist's resume, we are looking for a resume of their artistic work. It allows reviewers and panelists to see the breadth of your artistic work, where it has taken place, and when. However, if you do not have a full artistic resume, we will accept a list of your artistic programs, projects, education, etc. from the last three years. You do not need to submit a customer service or admin resume even if you sometimes do that work to help support yourself.

I saw a slide during the presentation mentioning if you're interested in being a panelist. I can't remember if was an email or a name provided to contact if interested. Can you assist?

Please use this link to access more information regarding becoming a panelist and the  corresponding details: 
The application can be found here:


Application Content: 

How do I upload media files for to fulfill the “Work Sample” requirement for my application? 

There is a “Media Library” in the grants portal that we use for this. Please see our “Uploading Media to applications” .pdf for a step by step guide. You can find that here: Uploading Media to applications.

In what format should I upload files?

Please submit documents as PDF, and any images as JPEG, PNG, Etc. Please DO NOT upload a photo of a document taken with an iPhone or similar. This is a .heic file, and not visible to reviewers. If you are using your phone as a scanner, please if possible use a scanner app or



Can you provide detailed tax guidance for the treatment of my current fellowship grant?

AHFP grants are considered taxable income generally by the IRS and are required to be reported, hence the annual end of year issued 1099's to all grant recipients by the DC Government. Please consult a tax professional for additional guidance.

What if I haven’t received my 1099 for my FY22 grants? 

The office of the DC Chief Financial Officer manages every process of the 1099 process for DC government vendors and grantees. Please access this link for their website. 
Please feel free to direct questions regarding 1099s (MISCs or NECs) from DC Government to: [email protected]

I have a question about my address and how it's reflected on my 1099 for my FY22 Grant Award through CAH, who should I reach out to? 

The office of the DC Chief Financial Officer manages every process of the 1099 process for DC government vendors and grantees. Please access this link for their website. 
Please feel free to direct questions regarding 1099s (MISCs or NECs) from DC Government to: [email protected]



Q: What are some of the eligibility requirements for your programs?

This varies from program to program. It is always a good idea to double check the eligibility requirements for each program in their RFAs (Request for Applications) which are posted on our website under “Grants” when the applications are live (typically in May for several individual and project-based grants). 
Some grant programs are for individuals, a few general basic requirements for those include: individual artists and humanities practitioners must be residents of DC, a current practicing artist or humanities practitioner in DC, and have recent work samples. While for organizations, some basic general requirements for all grant programs include: having a physical address in DC, being a non-profit organization for at least 1 year, and being in good standing with us. Other eligibility requirements will depend on the specific program.

Q: How many programs can one apply to?

Organizations who do not receive GOS funding (General Operating Support grant), can apply for as many programs as they are eligible. Organizations that do receive GOS funding from CAH are able to apply for 1 project-based grant program (excluding PEFo) and 1 capacity building grant, again as long as the eligibility requirements are met. 

Q: Can a foreign embassy apply, as an organization, for funding?

Eligible applicant organizations must be incorporated as a nonprofit with a federally designated tax-exempt status under section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) code, as evidenced by an IRS determination letter that is dated at least one year prior to the application deadline date.

Certificate of Clean Hands: 

Q: How do I get an updated Certificate of Clean Hands if I don't have our organization's login information?

If you have a Certificate of Clean Hands that was issued after April 2021, you can use the information on the certificate to go onto the website, click on Validate a Certificate of Clean Hands, and follow the directions to obtain a current certificate.



Q: Last year there was a collaboration between Musicians and Poets. I am a lyricist and musician. Would I be able to participate in an event like that for which I could be considered? 

That was part of our Artists Showcase initiative. While it may not be the exact same kind of event since the Arts & Humanities has a huge variety of styles/topic, we will have future opportunities for collaboration down the line.

Q: Will CAH  provide scholarships for grant recipients to attend the 2022 Annual Convention?

Our agency has provided sponsorship in the past but that at the moment no final determination has been made concerning the May 2022 annual conference. 

Q: I read that the Facilities and Buildings grant won't be renewed, is that true?

No. The FAB-T (Facilities and Buildings-Traditional) grant will return, along with the other project-based grants, this coming summer. That program will open on Monday, June 6, 2023.

Q: Does CAH offer support with the rental of Lincoln Theatre for events?

Yes,our website captures information on what CAH offers in terms of rental support of the Lincoln Theatre as well as the application form: CAH Lincoln Theatre Rental Underwriting Support.