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DC Cultural Plan

The DC Cultural Plan lays out a vision with 28 policy and 8 investment recommendations on how the government and its partners can build upon, strengthen, and invest in the creators, spaces, and consumers that support and create culture within the city. The Plan’s recommendations are designed to promote shared stewardship of culture, organizational innovation, and leveraged funding to sustain the city’s cultural core and create new opportunities for historically under-represented creators and communities.

The Plan was completed in March 2019 by the DC Office of Planning in coordination with CAH and the DC Office of Cable Television, Film, Music and Entertainment, and incorporates insight and feedback from more than 1,500 residents and cultural stakeholders. The Plan promotes an equitable, world-class cultural environment in the District that advances cultural diversity by increasing access to cultural creation and experience for all residents.  

Read the DC Cultural Plan

DC Cultural Plan Steering Committee Public Member Application