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Art Bank Application Process


The Art Bank Collection

The DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities (DCCAH) is the official District government agency for arts and culture. Established in 1968, DCCAH’s primary mission is to provide grants, professional opportunities, educational enrichment, and other services to individuals and nonprofit organizations throughout the District of Columbia. In support of visual artists and art galleries in Washington DC, DCCAH purchases fine art from metropolitan artists annually to grow the Art Bank Collection. Artwork in this collection is owned by DCCAH under the District’s Art in Public Places Program and loaned to District Government agencies for display in public areas and offices of government buildings. The Art Bank Collection which started in 1986 has over 2,700 artworks in the collection and on display in over 150 District government locations.

2016 Call to Artists

DCCAH is seeking to award grants for the purchase of original two and three-­‐dimensional works of art-­‐ including, but not limited to, paintings, drawings, mixed media, prints, photographs, fabric art, ceramics, sculptures, installations and video work. DCCAH is especially interested in increasing our holdings of textiles, ceramics and new media.

The FY17 Art Bank Collection application will open on Monday, April 25, 2016 and close on Wednesday, May 25, 2016. The online application to submit an application for both individual artists and galleries can be found here: http://dcarts.slideroom.com.

Each individual applicant is allowed to submit up to five (5) works of art for consideration. Art galleries are allowed to submit up to ten (10) works of art from any combination of two (2) or more represented artists. Applicants are allowed to submit artwork(s) in a series, however, each artwork within a series will be counted individually as part of the allowable maximum for portfolio submission from individual artists (five) and art galleries (ten).

Artwork must be created using archival materials and not exceed ninety-­‐six (96) inches in any direction. The overall weight of artwork shall not exceed 100 lbs. All artwork submitted must be available  for  purchase.


The Art Bank Collection is open to artists residing in the Washington metropolitan area, within a 50-­‐mile radius. Galleries applying on artists’ behalf fall under the same guidelines as above, where  represented  artists  must  live  within  the  designated  area  for  consideration. Each applicant  is  required  to  create  an account and submit an application online using SlideRoom located at http://dcarts.slideroom.com. DCCAH underwrites the online application cost for applicants, so it is without cost to apply.

Art Selection Process

DCCAH annually selects an Art Advisory Panel that reviews each application and make recommendations for purchase by DCCAH. Selected artists or galleries will be notified of a date and time to deliver artwork to the DCCAH office located at 200 I Street, S.E. Suite 1400, Washington, DC 20003 during hours to be specified.

Works will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Artistic excellence and merit, and aesthetic strength
  • Serious professional commitment to the art form, ranging from emerging to established artists

DCCAH reserves the right to negotiate the final purchase price or decline to purchase any work recommended by the Panel. As a government agency, DCCAH requires all applicants provide a 30 percent (30%) discount on retail value of works over $5,000. Applicant is not required to frame art work; DCCAH will frame all purchased artworks, if applicable.

Art Bank FY17 Schedule  
April 2016 Art Bank Call Released
April 25, 2016 Application Opens via SlideRoom at
May 25, 2016 (11:59 PM) Deadline for Submissions via SlideRoom
May 30, 2016 - July 1, 2016 Online Panelist Review Period
July 7 & 8, 2016 First Panel Session
July 11, 2016 Artist Notified of Selections and asked to deliver to DCCAH
July 21 & 22, 2016 Finalists deliver artwork to DCCAH for in person review
August 4 & 5, 2016 Second Panel Session, final purchase recommendations made
August 12, 2016 Artwork Purchase Grant Agreement Mailed to Selected Artists
August 19, 2016 Signed Agreement Due to DCCAH
August 22, 2016 All Returned Signed Agreement Executed by DCCAH Exec Director
August 22 - 26, 2016 Requisitions for Grants Submitted to DCCAH Finance Manager
August 29 - September 9, 2016 Approval Process of Grant Requisitions to open new Purchase Orders for Grantees. Any remaining qualification paperwork will be process (including Clean Hands,etc.).
October 3 - 7, 2016 FY17 Payment Requests Submitted to accompany Invoices Submitted by Artists
30 days following payment request Payment mailed to artists

Incomplete or late applications will be forfeited and not accepted. Each applicant must provide the following information and must upload all requisite documents into the SlideRoom application.
Incomplete applications will not be considered.

  • Artist Information: Provide full name, current resident address, contact information.
  • Artist Statement: Briefly describe the thematic premise of the work(s) presented in your application, including providing insight into your art-­‐making   processes
  • Artist Resume: Provide a current list of exhibitions, publications, commissions, collections, and education.
  • Images: Upload high quality JPEG image files, Individual Artists are allowed up to five  (5) artworks and Art Galleries are allowed up to ten (10) artworks
  • Image List: Submit a document which includes: title, year, medium, dimension, and edition number (if applicable) for each uploaded work of art. Please be sure to list each work of art in the exact order of upload.
  • Price List: Submit a document that corresponds to the Image List. Please include Retail Price and Discount Price (if applicable) of each work uploaded. A 30% discount is requested for works priced over $5,000.
  • NEW-­‐ Upload a current W-­‐9 https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-­‐pdf/fw9.pdf
  • NEW-­‐ Applicants are required to upload the completed Certificate of Clean Hands document
  • Certification of Clean Hands: This document describes the necessary steps to obtain a Certificate of Clean Hands from the DC Office of the Chief Financial Officer -­‐ Office of Tax and Revenue. http://dcarts.dc.gov/node/1120604
  • NEW-­‐ Applicants are required to upload signed Statement of Certification
  • Statement of Certification: To ensure applicant has met and will maintain all qualifying criteria for certification throughout entire duration of award http://dcarts.dc.gov/node/1113324
  • NEW-­‐ Applicants are required to upload signed Arrest and Conviction Statement
  • Arrest and Conviction Statement: To affirm statement of any applicable indications, charges and/or convictions arising directly or indirectly from the conduct of the applicant or organization http://dcarts.dc.gov/node/1113311

For additional information or questions about the Art Bank please contact:

Zoma Wallace, Art Bank Coordinator
[email protected]| (202) 724-5613


Ron Humbertson, Art Collections Registrar
[email protected] | (202) 724-5613