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Commission on the Arts and Humanities' staff administers all programs and provides technical assistance to artists in the District. All staff can be reached by phone at (202) 724-5613.

DCCAH Organization Chart FY2015 [PDF]

Lisa Richards Toney (Interim Executive Director)

Victoria Murray Baatin (Legislative and Community Affairs Director)

Teresa Boersma (Graphic Designer)

Darlene Brown (Facilities Coordinator)

Ebony Brown (Arts Program Coordinator)

Earica Busby (Financial Manager)

Elizabeth Carriger (Public Art Coordinator)

Brittany Dibble (Legislative and Community Affairs Assistant)

Willie Doggett (Executive Assistant)

Curtis Foy (Grants Coordinator)

Ron Humbertson (Art Collections Registrar)

Tonya Jordan (Public Art Program Manager)

Dolores Kendrick (Poet Laureate of the District of Columbia)

Melisa Leonard (Finance Assistant)

David Markey (Arts Education Coordinator)

JaKenna Martin (Special Events Associate)

Steven Mazzola (Grants Director)

Carolyn Parker (Office Manager)

Keona Pearson (Arts Program Coordinator)

JR Russ (Online Marketing Manager)

Jeff Scott (Communication and Marketing Director)

Regan Spurlock (Associate Grants Manager)

Zoma Wallace (Curator)

Ariel Wilson (Arts Education Program Associate)

Derek Younger (Special Assistant)